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Whistle Wind is an installation resulting from the scholarship and artistic residency carried out under the direction of the master of Povera art, Jannis Kounellis at the headquarters of the Fundación Botín de Santander (Fine Arts Grant 2009 Botín de Santander Foundation).

The work carried out for a few weeks revolves around the different sounds produced by the whistles of the wind when they collide with the leaves of the trees and the palm trees in the surroundings of the Villa Iris mansion (headquarters of the foundation at that time and where the the residence), in which there were located colonial palm trees that, due to their location on the top of a hill in the city of Santander and  Oceanfront,  produced  constantly through the movement of the wind a soundscape  unique.

The incessant sound caused by the wind generated an acoustic diversity of whistles and sounds of great intensity that varied in tone and intensity. The work transports one of the palm fronds knocked down by the storm and dried by the weather conditions, inside the foundation and  frames  with wooden frames measuring 2.5 x 2.5 meters, between two large windows that showed the Bay of Santander in the background.


The palm intertwined with hemp ropes and was tied to the frame in a way that  allowed  follow, continue  moving  with the air currents generated inside the mansion. The work transported an element of open spaces to the interior of the exhibition hall.


The work symbolically delves into the impossibility of catching the wind, of capturing an abstract element and presenting it under an inert appearance. The Palmera leaf faces the sounds generated by the wind, weaving a dialogue between the exterior of the enclosure and the interior through an intangible element such as sound.

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