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Sonorous Talaiots

This delocalized project revolves around the concept of the city as a symbol or icon that transforms the landscape. The project converges in the idea of the city and its links with the unique and singular sound environments that confront the natural and artificial space, sounding the landscape and nature in constant counterpoint by the incidence of the human being. The territory and nature are elements that over the centuries have conditioned the presence of human beings in the contemporary landscape and, from this point of view, this project projects relationships between the evolution of the city environment and people. Sound Talaiots, was born as a project of site-specific interventions, in which different places in the public space are occupied with Sound Sculptures-Structures (Sound Talaiots). An ephemeral performative action that wants to relate the synthesis of the habitat model and the social paradigm during the 20th and 21st centuries around the construction and its relationship with the inhabitants, from a relationship of the change of the soundscape through the constructions.

Talaiots Sonors is a contemporary art project focused on the modification of soundscapes, a project that wants to create an interconnection between the inhabitants of the city environment and the work of art, through a site-specific that will be located in different places of public space under the guise of Brick Talay and that affects the relationship between man and his environment. It is an ephemeral project based on the modification of the different sound landscapes of the city, the rural area, the industrial zone and the natural space that surrounds it. A project for the sonification and creation of sculptural structures in the form of Talaiots (The Talaiots are megalithic stone constructions in the Mediterranean area, ancient constructions with housing functions and different aspects of social life). These structures built with handmade bricks influence the idea presented by Andrei Tarkovsky about the ability to sculpt time through cinema. This piece vindicates the construction of space, the modification of the environment and the transformation of the sound landscape, from this perspective of the passage of time and ending with a particular revision of the concept of temporal registration, a sculpture in time.

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