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Underground Noises / Undermine
CC Convent Sant Agustí, Barcelona.

This sound installation presented at the CC Convent de Sant Agustí in Barcelona as part of the 2nd exhibition of artists linked to sound creation is based on the Undermine project presented in 2009 at the ATM Contemporary gallery in Gijón, it shows a work on the relationship between the idea of the deafening of the sound and the confinement caused by the collapses  miners. It is a site-specific generated for one of the cells of the Convent of Sant Agustí in Barcelona in which different sound cartographies were collected from the interior of spaces formerly dedicated to worship.

The installation consists of a loudspeaker projecting an edited track onto a loudspeaker's cardboard membrane covered in iron filings. When the sound arises, the duality and the game between hearing and sensation begins (the material that covers the cone causes the Muffler effect, isolating the sound). As the piece progresses, the blows produced by the low-frequency sounds (between 10 and 40HZ), gradually release material from the membrane and the viewer, over time, can perceive the quality of the sound better and better. is reproduced and perceive that they are the sounds of the work.

The duality arises from the very inertia of the sound and the magnet that the speaker is made of. The sound expels the material towards the outside, but the magnetic field generated by the loudspeaker's magnet, which transforms the electrical impulses into waves, attracts a large amount of material back to itself. In this way the piece only reaches the optimal hearing level towards the end of the track and allows the viewer to have a clear awareness of the auditory message. Another feature that connects with the viewer is the transmission of resonance through different sensations that are perceived beyond the sound itself, generated by vibration.

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