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Undermine is a sound installation that is generated in a workshop / exhibition project for some of the participants of the Botín Foundation grant at the ATM Contemporary Gallery in Gijón. This sound installation made using a medium format loudspeaker shows the relationship between the idea of deafening sound and the cloistering caused by the collapse of the mines. It is a site-specific generated for a gallery located a few kilometers from one of the mining and industrial basins (Gijón and Asturias area), in Spain.

The project was approached through the soundscape of different locations around and inside the mines and was edited in the form of a 10-minute piece, in which little by little we perceive different sounds related to working conditions in the bowels of the underground.

The installation consists of a loudspeaker that projects sound onto its cone or cardboard membrane, covered with a mountain of iron filings. When the piece begins, a game begins between hearing and sensation. Iron filings, such as mining and industrial material, completely surround the cone, causing the mute effect and preventing correct hearing. As the piece progresses, the blows produced by the low-frequency sounds (between 10 and 40HZ), gradually release material from the membrane and the viewer, over time, is able to perceive the quality of the sound that is reproduced.

The work generates a dual effect that disturbs the viewer, since he is able to perceive the vibration produced but not to identify the sounds. As the work progresses, the loudspeaker is emptied of material, but the magnet from which it is made prevents part of the magnetic iron filings from disappearing from the surface, hindering the hearing process until it is completely emptied, since when there is little left to finish the work. The piece only reaches the optimal hearing level, towards the end of the track and allows the viewer to have a clear awareness of the auditory message and what they are listening to. 

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