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This piece that is presented in the center  cultural  of the Matadero de Huesca as part of the exhibition Micro  (works of less than one square meter), is part of the research carried out for the project Geometries of the kosmos (research grant from Sala d'art Jove of the Generalitat de Catalunya) , and was born with the desire to visually show the ability of sound to generate visual structures from resonance on matter.


Starting from the sound generated by the radio waves of a neutron star (also called Pulsars), a multi-channel sound piece is edited that will be played on 1 modified box/speaker containing a quantity of fluid.  Once the sound of this celestial body is projected on the fluid contained in the speakers, we can see how a relationship is generated between resonance and the creation of geometric structures, which show in a visible way different formations that are made visible by light.

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