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Imagine Multispecies

The precariousness of life in our technologically mediated societies requires rethinking the coexistence between species, requires embracing an eticopolitical conception and encourages us to build heterogeneous communities based on common welfare. In Multispecies Imaginaries we immerse ourselves in the worlds of microorganisms, plants, animals and fungi, and how we interact in a constitutive and consequential way with other beings.


The work presented consists of 20 bottles filled with water from the most important water systems of the Llobregat Delta ( La Ricarda, purification systems, canals, irrigation ditches, the port of Barcelona, the Llobregat river, La Roberta, etc.) , show through chromatism and the transformation that these aquatic ecosystems have suffered due to the continuous change exerted by the industrial pressure systems that have controlled most of its extension. The work is complemented by a sound piece that addresses the ecoacoustics of these ecosystems from inside and outside the water and how the noise pollution generated, especially by the port and the airport, modifies the behavior habits of non-human species.

Hidrofonies deltaiques
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