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and Sound

Space, Dimension and Sound, is a sound creation project that intervenes the dimension of space with the interaction of the human being. The relationship between the spectator and the spatial dimension will alter the physical experience and the reaction between architecture and spatial sonification.

The apparent symbiotic relationship in contemporary society, between human beings and technology (homo-tecnologicus), aims to facilitate functional performance through the provision of machines that are executed in a tangible way and allow them to develop their work and social aspects from a daily perception of a physical nature, a tactile-sensory relationship with the instruments he handles. What happens when we alter the tangible capacity, control and relationship over technological systems? In this sense and in a context of revision of the space, this project will provoke in the viewer a counter-reaction on the technological processes from the sound dimension of the space and its random paths.

The spectator, without being aware of it, becomes the accidental composer of a minimalist audio-visual piece in which pure sounds and noises acquire the sculptural functionality of the space through the interaction of their body with the work. The relationship of the dimension that it occupies with its physical existentialism and the non-tangible technological media that the artist presents, will develop an intimate relationship between artist-space-spectator, in which the visitor becomes the medium, the vehicle of creation, self-proclaiming the functionality of the spectator in the composer and generator of the works.

One of the most important aspects of this intimate, non-face-to-face relationship between artist and viewer, are the unique routes that are traced through the alienated space, routes not predetermined by the artist or the direction of the space. These Transhumance through space are generated in a sensorial, autonomous and systematic way, modifying the sound, the space and its dimension.

This project with clear connotations between art and science, is focused on the world of non-visible phenomena, the world of the metaphysical through a direct relationship between form and sound, which the viewer must discover in its inevitable relationship with the work. and notice how his intervention modifies both the visual space and the sound space, sculpting the sound.

Using a combination of cymatic creation processes (the science of cymatics, is responsible for the study of visual representations of sound waves on matter) and the application of free programming software (Arduino boards), the sound will become visible. intervened through direct projections of the propagation waves, on the walls generating geometric constructions that vary according to the frequency established in each of the plates.

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