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Inside  the Zone

Inside the zone, is a site-specific project for the Térmica de l'espai d'arts Roca Umbert in Granollers, which deals with industrial architectural spaces, in which the artist, influenced by the work and universe of the prestigious filmmaker Andrei Tarkovsky, takes advantage of the atmosphere of one of his legendary films, "Stalker" (based on the novel by the Strugatski brothers; Picnic by the road) and traces a space intervention route, in which he enters his particular ZONE, to become a guide through decadent spaces, which make up a non-everyday scenario in which architecture achieves through decline a sublime uniformity between nature and artificiality. The artist as a flanneur, by launching a thread linked to a ribbon (as the protagonist of the film does), creates his own path and intervenes in the space with his presence, to discover those corners through which his journey will converge.

The artist once again enters the industrial world, acts as a catalyst for the invasion of nature on urban spaces, through walks between artificial structures, orphaned spaces of the cities that acquire a category of residual space, ghostly spaces in disuse. that collect in themselves, places of immense beauty. The artist therefore modifies his visual-sound reality while carrying out the action of recording, as an act of spatial performativity through the architectural dimension and ends up constituting a new residual space, a new visual and sound architecture, which has nothing to do with it. do with the one conceived for the original use of the space.


From the sounds generated through the intervention of these spaces  industrial,  later, during the Panoràmic festival, the artist will perform a concert by  music  electroacoustic with these sounds.

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