How it sounds!

The workshop Look how it sounds! is held at the Center d'art La Panera in Lleida, aims to show participants the ability of sound to create visual structures on the subject, through the science of cymatics. The participants will discover how through different types of materials such as sand, water, etc. and as subjected to sound vibrations are capable of generating drawings and geometric figures, exploring the multiple possibilities of creation in the field of contemporary art. During the workshop, students will experience first-hand with these materials and generate a final piece in the form of a work of art, a Visual / sound mural as a collaborative work project between all the participants.


The first part of the Workshop consists of a short introduction and brief explanation of what the science of cymatics is. Examples of videos of different artists who have used sound to generate acoustic figures as a way to introduce the students of the workshop in the subject will be exposed.

In the second part of the workshop, students will begin the experimental process in order to visualize the sound on different plates with various forms of musical instruments with salt, sand, water or lycopodium spores. During this work, the students will proceed to make drawings on paper, of the acoustic figures that they like the most, in order to generate a final joint piece, based on those figures that have most attracted their attention (45-50 minutes Approx).


During the third part of the workshop, students using digital tools such as an Arduino board and a seismograph, will learn to work and visualize sound both in analog form and in the digital field and experiment with different resonance processes. During the learning process you will understand the difference between analog sound and digital sound.


The final part of the workshop will consist in the realization of a joint wall piece with metal plates on which acoustic figures will be made, and will be fixed by spray painting. Students will join their plates to generate a large sound mural on the floor, which will be mounted in the form of a puzzle, to visualize the different patterns that sound can generate.

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