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This sound installation (made by means of a medium format speaker), shows a work of relationship between the idea of ​​deafening sound and the enclacimiento caused by the collapse of the mines. It is a site-specific generated for an industrial mining area (Zona de Gijón and Asturias), in which different sound cartographies were collected from inside a mine and were edited in the form of a 10-minute piece, in the that little by little we perceive different sounds related to working conditions in the bowels of the subsoil.


The installation consists of a loudspeaker that projects the sound onto its cone or paper membrane covered with iron filings. When the sound arises, the duality and the play between hearing and sensation begins (The material that covers the cone causes the Mute effect, isolating the sound). As the piece progresses, the beats produced by low frequency sounds (from 10 to 40HZ), gradually release the material from the membrane and the viewer with the passage of time can perceive better and better the quality of the sound that it reproduces. Duality arises from the loudspeaker's own ability to generate sound through the magnet it is made of. The sound expels the material to the outside however, the magnetic field generated by the magnet of the speaker that transforms the electrical impulses into waves, attracts a large amount of material back to itself. In this way the piece only reaches the optimal listening level towards the end of the track and allows the viewer to have a clear awareness of the auditory message. Another feature that connects with the viewer is the transmission of resonance through different sensations that are perceived beyond the sound itself, generated by the sound vibration.

Underground Noises

ATM Contemporary Gallery Gijón

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