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Ecos from Sun

Tonatiuh ecos from Sun, is a winning video project of one of the honorable mentions of the Festival of Luminic Video-art 2016 of Mexíco, which relates the concept of cosmo-genesis, with the first beliefs about the creative capacity of sound and the relationship between sonority and creation.


The piece reviews the relationships that the human genre has made over the millennia between the Sun, the cult of the gods and the sonorico-musical relationships they imply. Every great civilization has worshiped the Sun. In Sumerian mythology we will find UTU, in the Egyptian we find RA, in Greek mythology HELIOS appears, in the Inca culture INTI will appear, the Japanese AMATERASU, or in the Aztec TONATIUH. All these civilizations have dealt with the concept of the creation of totems or representative images of the Sun God.


With this work, it is shaped by the sounds generated by the Sun and are shown thanks to the acoustic science of cymatics in the form of wave patterns, on a fluid, acquiring a spatial dimension and a direct relationship between sonority and morphology.

The project arises from the analysis of radio transmissions captured by the emissions of solar particles and is generated through various pieces of audio, edited in the form of an audible sound track, which is then projected onto fluids and in this way we get to shape and visualize through the acoustic science of the cimàtica, the patterns and images obtained by the sounds generated by the Sun.


The video fuses the beautiful images generated by the electromagnetic waves of the sun on a fluid contained inside a loudspeaker, generating acoustic waves that are made visible by the reflection of light on them. The piece is composed only of sounds from the Sun, forming a sonorous piece of great power both at the sound level and at the visual level.

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