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The perfect sound is a work presented between November and January 2021 at Sant Andreu Contemporani (Barcelona), curated by Antònia Folguera. The work is based on the short film The perfeckte menneske (1967) by Norwegian filmmaker Jorgen Leth. The director in his original footage offers us a visual and sound staging from an anthropological perspective the idea of the perfect human. It shows a neutral atmosphere with a calm and elegant story, where appearances, actions and daily activities of human beings are described. A work approached from the point of view of a meticulous observer, bordering on irony about the processes of dissection of the different cultures approached by colonialism.

The revision of this work is exercised from the point of view of the medium itself, through the message and the repetition of the language itself, exposing the idea of dissection as the basis of an anthropological study on the suitability to find the perfect sound. In this way the author revisits the idea of the intangible and abstract of the sound process itself, as a meticulous process of observation and dissection from a recognizable sound object. The artist dissects one of the most recognizable sound machines throughout the twentieth and twenty-first century, such as a turntable, an icon that transmits the idea of sound.


As in Leth's reference, in this project the machine as a sound object is analyzed in detail; its arm, the needle, each of its buttons, the vinyl, its grooves, all the details become the object of dissertation from the point of view of an observer who seeks to delve into the fetish object to find the idea of the perfect sound. The work consists of 8 printed papers, which contain an adapted version of the original script reflecting on the idea of the perfect sound, as a search process that leads nowhere. The papers are accompanied by a portable turntable on which a vinyl recorded with the artist's own voice will be played.

The perfect sound. 7'16''

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