As an artist and researcher, my creative work explores sound processes as a non-musical form of artistic expression, from a critical review of the human condition inherent in the processes of hearing / sensation. The sound is worked not only as a device of critical self-reflection, but as a way to generate a particular language through the tangible and visual materialization of its compositional elements. There is therefore an alchemical transformation of the abstract concept of the sound waves.


In the development of my creative process there is a transgression in the sonority that results in a sensory process of which the viewer is an essential part. The work is initiated by the artist, but it is in the viewer's mind where it ends. Each piece, each sound, each noise, exists to transmit itself to the outside world and revive it in the form of sensation, causing each of the pieces to interact with the different sensory states that condition the response on it. How many symphonies or sounds is the human being able to remember and reproduce through a single audition? The amount of sounds that make up an auditory process are shown only as a purely abstract process, which can only be understood through the sensory process.


The objective of the works that I produce is to provoke mental processes of critical thinking, to provoke reflection or to create an intimate process of relationship between the spectator and the work, which converges in the completion of the construction process. The art that is usually accepted mainly in its contemplative function, is transformed into an interactive process in which the audition as a contemplative form derives in a relationship between the artist, work and spectator, encompassing the entire creative process.




                                                                                                                                “It is not enough to listen to music, you also have to see it ".


                                                                                                                                                                                                     Igor Stravinsky