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This piece, which is part of the Geometries of the Cosmos project, was born with the aim of showing in a visual way the capacity of sound to generate visual structures from resonance on matter. Starting from the sound generated by the radio waves of four neutron stars (also called pulsar), they are stars with a mass much higher than our sun, which at the end of their lives collapse on themselves forming a celestial body the size of a great city These bodies rotate on their own axis with a certain frequency of rotation, generating large electromagnetic pulses that emit flashes of high radiation towards the universe, these flashes are captured from the earth in the form of radio waves by means of radio telescopes), a multi-channel sound piece is produced that will be reproduced in 8 modified speakers that contain a quantity of fluid.


Once the sound of these celestial bodies has been projected onto the fluid contained in the speakers, we can observe how a relationship between resonance and the creation of geometric structures is generated, showing in a visible way different formations that are made visible by light.


The sound installation is complemented by a video that shows the same process in HD and clearly shows the multitude of figures that the viewer can not see directly inside the speakers.

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