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Red Green Blue, Hertz, is a sound installation project that addresses the contemporary model of visual creation on the use of technological processes and media as an implicit part of contemporary artistic creations (the systems that receive and capture light and transform it into images such as digital cameras for photography, video, scanners, and use in digital format).


The color model based on additive synthesis, with which it is possible to represent a color by mixing by the addition of the three primary light colors, has completely replaced the analog work model with the digital one. The RGB color model does not define what exactly means red, green or blue by itself, so its appropriation in this case leads us to reinterpret the concept from an acoustic perspective of the system through the frequencies of color.

From the chromatic tonal scale, the piece delves into the transformation of the chromatic range into an audible scale using the assignment of frequencies to the chromatic values ​​- RED 555,392,958,464 55.5 hz / Green 741,418,725,376 74.1 hz / Blue 832,149,913,600 83.2 hz. By using 3 cones of rehabilitated speakers and painted with the RGB colors, these will emit their respective assigned chromatic frequencies.


The viewer will find a sculptural piece of minimalist character formed by 3 speakers with RGB colors (both can be located on the floor, as vertically on a wall). Each cone will emit its own audio track with its respective chromatic frequency in an auditory composition of different intervals creating a complex acoustic track.


The sound installation is accompanied by 3 large-format photographs that visually show the range of frequencies in a visible way, that is, using the acoustic science of the cymatics, the sound generated by the chromatic frequencies will be applied on some tubs that will contain a fluid, making visible the forms of the sound waves arising from the specific frequencies of work, and they will be photographed under the three RGB light filters to assign each visual representation of the sound to their respective sound frequency.


The work aims to intersperse and emphasize the processes of transformation and audiovisual production, a small criticism through the reflection on the own technological complexity that allows by means of the combination of the three primary colors in the form of light colors, the contemporary representation and the formalization of a large format of works of art based on this premise.

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