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The Flood


DEMO_2, brings together 5 different projects in Publication format, around the concept of "Flood" from different fields of action of each of the participants, under the baton of Fermín Jiménez Landa.

Contemplating the flows of a river and delving into its way of oscillating, we appreciate how the water runs between the valleys in a serpentine way. Water in its natural state, never advances in a straight line if the influence of man does not intervene. What causes the formation of oscillations? From the birth of the waters the circular movements will be influenced by the gravitational pull of the inclined plane of the mountains, furrowing and eroding valleys, oscillating from side to side forming meanders, whose rhythm is specific to the water course that describes them. A wide channel will cause wide oscillations, while a narrow one will oscillate more quickly resulting in smaller formations.

The sinusoidal flow of a natural river generates a set of subtle and invisible currents that can be interpreted and associated with cycles or frequencies. In this way, by assigning frequencies, we can generate sound landscapes associated with the oscillating shape of each river.

The flood 1 - Ferran Lega
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The flood 2 - Ferran Lega
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“Vishnu tras adentrarse en el agua, la agitó de forma cautelosa. Se propagaron las ondas. Al sucederse unas con otras, se formó entre ellas una minúscula depresión. Este vacío es el Éter, el más sutil de los cinco elementos y portador de la cualidad sensorial invisible e intangible del sonido. Resonó el espacio y del sonido surgió el segundo elemento, el Aire en forma de viento”.


                                                         Zimmer, 1995, 58

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