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of Friction




Coefficients of  friction is a project presented at the Eufònic 2016 festival  (Tortosa Museum and Arts Santa Mònica in Barcelona), based on the sonification of the Russian composer Eduard Artemeyev, whose musical identity exposes natural sounds and sounds as creative elements, without attending to the special need of the specific composition of a complementary musical soundtrack.


In this way, in his work does not appear a process of traditional musical composition that works as an acoustic accompaniment of the compositional space. The sonification is narrated through the action of the elements, the water and the different sounds that are obtained from the landscape, thus reflecting an alternative reality that does not correspond to a one-dimensional unity of the presented images.


Under the influence of Artemeyev's acoustic work, the project addresses sound as a form of poetic tune, where the natural elements are the composers of the auditory process. During the realization of the project, the different processes of friction between instrument and space will be addressed, as a creative value of acoustic composition.

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