Del Sublim

el So

The sublime has to do with a natural desire of the human being for exaltation, for the invocation of that which connects us with the essence, for a concern regarding our relationship with absolute emotions, as expressed by Barnett Newman (1947) in his paradigmatic and inspiring text The Sublime is Now.


In this investigation of the genuine, sound is inscribed as an element that enhances emotion in everyday life. Ferran Llega, from the artistic point of view, generates a new future by pursuing the discovery of a primordial relationship with matter, landscape and invisible things, interacting acoustically and generating other relationships of perception, reflection and discovery. In this sense, the artist develops a series of interventions in his work, generating topographic looks (soundwalks) about spaces that investigate sound, natural and anthropic ecosystems, as well as their representation systems.


«From the sublime, the sound» includes a sample of sound art projects generated until today by the artist, who have seen the light in different museums, art centers and exhibition spaces, in which it combines a dual, poetic and critical perspective, with the primary elements of life and with the environment. The sound, through the different compositional elements of materialization and dematerialization, is worked in an expanded way with a language with its own identity. Everyday life, listening, phonographic records and experience merge to create other perspectives that become a particular language with which to think the world. Our day to day is contaminated by a continuum without aturador. The pieces shown here seek to find a point of inflection to accommodate our ideas to perceive things differently. The tangibility of experience and the intelligibility of thought lose their fragmentary nature to be one. Thus, in this way the incorporation of sound can sharpen our senses and exalt the emotion to reach sublimity. Milton would say: "The mind is its own place."

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