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Boat Horns, is a piece that arises as a result of the work done jointly with the musicians and flute teachers of the Faculty of Music of the UNAM of Mexico Alejandro Escuer and Rodrigo Sial, during the development of the artistic residency held at the Mexican Center for Music and the Sound Arts.


The piece consists of a musical collaboration within the framework of the residency, the result of having been selected as one of the winners of the 1st Light Video Art contest in Mexico in 2016.


The work is an electronic composition through some flute samplers by Alejandro Escuer and the development of an electronic piece by me, trying to generate an abstract work that makes the sense of the flute forget and that also generates a visual piece by itself. the use of visualization of sound waves, with the aim of creating a visual-sound work that refers to the space between two worlds, to the ocean that separates two continents, an approach to the sensation exerted by the big speakers of ships full of emigrants upon arrival at the piers, the gateway to the Americas at the beginning of the 20th century.

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