Artist Biography

Ferran Lega Lladós, is a multidisciplinary artist born in 1983 in Lleida. He stood out at a young age in the field of drawing and artistic creation. In 2001 he began his studies in Fine Arts at the University of Barcelona, where he received a scholarship to study part of his studies, at Universitat Der Kunste of Berlin. In 2008 he obtained the Fine Arts Degree and the pedagogical certificate (CAP). That same year, he was admitted to the doctoral program with a quality mention "The besieged reality, creative positions", on the University of Barcelona. His participation in this program greatly influences his work and begins his artistic career in the field of contemporary art, receiving one of the prestigious grants of the Botín Foundation, on Santander, to make an artistic residency with Jannis Kounellis, and present their work at the Ehibitions center of the Botín Foundation on Santander.

During the period between 2010-2014 he will develop his doctoral thesis under the supervision of the Professor of sculpture and sound art of the University of Barcelona Dr. Josep Cerà, investigating the creative abilities of the acoustic science of Cymatics, within the group of research BR: AC (Barcelona Research, Art and creation). During this time course, he will present projects in different sound art festivals and will obtain scholarships of national prestige, such as the research scholarship of Sala d'Arte Joven of the Generalitat de Catalunya under the tutorship of the writer, art critic and professor of the Pompeu Fabra University, Eloi Fernández Porta. During 2013 he held several sound art exhibitions and at the end of the year he presented at the ATM Contemporary Gallery in Gijón (September-October 2013) and the Fundació Tàpies de Barcelona (November-December 2013), the PULSAR Project, giving a creative impulse in his artistic career.

The following years 2014-2015 will attend as a speaker at the Master of sound art of the University of Barcelona and will carry out several more projects (Workshop with Avelino Sala in Bòlit Center d'Art Contemporani de Girona, Workshop with Fermín Jiménez Landa in the gallery DAFO-Center d'art La Panera de Lleida, presentation of a work in book format at the Conferences on Contemporary Art of the UDL, etc.), being finalist in important announcements such as Bòlit Crea (Center for Contemporary Art of Girona) and Sant Artistic Residences Andreu Contemporani (Fabra i Coats de Barcelona). In May 2014 he obtained the title of Doctor Cum Laude from the University of Barcelona with his doctoral thesis work, with a tribunal formed by the professors, Dr. Francesc Dalmau (UPC), Dr. Miquel Molina (UPV) and Dr. Alex Nogué (UB). As part of the work he presents a sound installation at the Faculty of Fine Arts of Barcelona.

Since July 2014, it offers its educational services to art centers, galleries and museums, in the form of workshops on sound visualization, both for young people and for adults, being a joint initiative of the art center La Panera de Lleida and the artist. He also participates as a speaker at international congresses (Art, Science and City, UPV) and will combine his work as a teacher of the artistic field in Public Secondary Education, with his artistic work presenting sound art projects in various galleries and art centers throughout the country. world.

During 2016 his doctoral thesis receives academic recognition through the Extraordinary Doctorate Award awarded by the University of Barcelona and is awarded several creative scholarships in the field of sound (CMMAS center for music and sound arts in Mexico and Eufònic 2016) Lo Pati d'Amposta Art Center to generate a project for Eufònic 2016.

In the years 2017 and 2018, he has continued showing his work in festivals such as l'Eufonic Urba in Arts Santa Mònica in Barcelona, Embarrat Museu del Trepat in Tárrega, The Granollers panoramic festival in l'espai Roca Umbert, or the biennial IEI larva , in addition to showing his live experimental music and presenting his first album. 

During 2019 he presented his first sound art album "Memoria Petria" and presents the exhibition Del Sublim el So, at the Guinovart art space.

Artist Biography